Information about tyre disposal

It is important that all the tyres are disposed of the right way, especially if you want to ensure that they do not cause any sort of pollution to the environment. However, there has been a change in the rules in regard to dumping old tyres in illegal land fill sites. A better option is to ensure that the tyres are recycled. Something which works equally well is that you recycle the scrap tires when you are about to buy a new set.

However, there are certain retailers who may not accept the old tires or may not be providing any sort of recycling scheme. In such a case, it is best that you call a waste management and disposal company and ensure that tyres are disposed of in a responsible manner.


Recycling and tyre disposal


A responsible way of getting rid of your old tyres is to ensure that you recycle them. There are several tire dealers who can accept the scrap tires when you are buying a new set. However, you need to find a dedicated facility to ensure that it disposes of the tyres in a compliant and environmentally correct manner. The disposed of tyres are then sent to industrial rubber processing companies which ground the tyres into rubber and make sure that it is used for other purposes. Since rubber tyres are non-biodegradable, they might be difficult to simply get rid of. Instead of just sending them to a land fill and creating an area of disease, it is better that you ask for professional help.

When you send the tires to be recycled these are then provided to different industries which recycle the tyres for various purposes. The rubber has high energy content and the waste is then converted into fuel for kilns making cement. The steel and silica material found in the tyres is also utilized as a secondary raw material for a variety of projects. When the tyres are grounded they can be used to create tire-derived products. Also, the pure rubber granulate is used to manufacture panels for buildings which offer protection like insulation and sealing. Rubber which has been grounded to a powder is also used for construction purposes like designing roads or layering asphalt, which can also help absorb noise.

These days, there is a major focus on sustainability and it is essential that every unwanted scrap is used in a responsible manner and disposed of responsibly as well. If the tire is sent for recycling, a team is hired to ensure that every single component is used the right way. For more information about disposing of tyres responsibly, you can also contact your local disposal company. However, in order to reduce the waste, it is essential that you should only by tires by keeping certain things in mind. The recommended types of tyre should also be considered when purchasing them for different kinds of vehicles. Always check the pressure when the tire is cool so that it can help ensure a smooth ride and less wear and tear.

Keep the above things in mind when looking for specialised tyre disposal options.





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