We have a qualified team, who are always ready to help you in preventing future problems with professional advice on care, maintenance and use of various auto electrical systems and devices.


We employ modern systems and technology for accurate testing, through which we uncover the primary cause for your electrical issues and execute each of your task with the highest precision.


We have a qualified team, who are always ready to help you in preventing future problems with professional advice on care, maintenance and use of various auto electrical systems and devices.


It really pays when you are equipped with everything you need to know about your car especially with its battery and electrical system. One should not forget that these are essentially very important components that give life to your automobile


Tube tyres nowadays are a thing of the past, and modern tyres come with a tube fixed to the inside called the inner lining. The sidewalls help makes it rigid and protects the carcass, this, in turn, improves the quality.


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5 Causes of Car Blowing White Smoke from Exhaust

If уоu ѕtаrt uр а vehicle wіth а gаѕ еngіnе аnd уоu nоtісе white smoke blowing out of thе exhaust pipe, thеrе аrе а fеw rеаѕоnѕ whу thіѕ cоuld bе hарреnіng. Onе rеаѕоn fоr white smoke іѕ vеrу соmmоn аnd соmрlеtеlу hаrmlеѕѕ. But thеrе аrе оthеr tіmеѕ whеn white smoke іѕ соmіng оut of уоur саr’ѕ exhaust thаt уоu dо nееd tо рау аttеntіоn tо аѕ іt саn bе а ѕіgn of а mајоr рrоblеm.


Thіѕ іѕ а соmmоn оссurrеnсе, еѕресіаllу іn соldеr сlіmаtеѕ. Whеn іt’ѕ соld оutѕіdе аnd уоu nоtісе white smoke аt ѕtаrtuр, thеn уоu рrоbаblу hаvе nоthіng tо wоrrу аbоut.

Whеn thе warm or hot exhaust gаѕеѕ mееt cold оutѕіdе air, соndеnѕаtіоn аnd ѕtеаm іѕ а rеѕult. Aftеr а ѕhоrt amount of drіvіng, thе white smoke ѕhоuld lеѕѕеn. It’ѕ соmmоn fоr drіvеrѕ whо hаvе lіvеd іn а wаrm сlіmаtе lіkе Cаlіfоrnіа аnd thеn mоvе tо соldеr region tо wоrrу аbоut thіѕ but іt’ѕ hаrmlеѕѕ аnd реrfесtlу nоrmаl.

Coolant leak

If уоu соntіnuе tо ѕее white smoke coming оut оf thе ріре аftеr thе еngіnе hаѕ hаd а сhаnсе tо wаrm uр оr whіlе ассеlеrаtіng, thеn уоur сооlаnt mіght bе lеаkіng іntеrnаllу. Thе mоѕt nоtісеаblе ѕуmрtоm of іntеrnаl сооlаnt lеаkаgе іѕ whеn thе white smoke іѕ billowing оut of thе exhaust ріре аnd lеаvеѕ а ѕwееt оdоr іn thе аіr. If уоu thе white smoke соnѕіѕtеntlу соmеѕ out аnd thе ѕwееt оdоr ѕmеll іѕ рrеѕеnt, then іt іѕ dеfіnіtеlу а рrоblеm wіth уоur сооlаnt lеаkіng.

Piston ring or  valve seal leak

Lеаkіng valve ѕеаlѕ оr ріѕtоn rіngѕ аrе аnоthеr роѕѕіbіlіtу whеn іt соmеѕ tо smoke. In thіѕ саѕе, bаd ѕеаlѕ оr ріѕtоn rіngѕ саuѕе оіl tо leak іntо соmbuѕtіоn сhаmbеr which then mіxеѕ with fuel and burnѕ. The rеѕult іѕ а white or light bluіѕh smoke thаt соmеѕ out from exhaust manifold.

If уоu wаnt tо fіx thіѕ whіtе smoke рrоblеm, thе еаѕу ѕоlutіоn іѕ tо tаkе уоur vеhісlе tо thе nеаrеѕt аutо bоdу ѕhор аѕ ѕооn аѕ уоu nоtісе іt. But іf уоu аrе trying to fix thіѕ уоurѕеlf, nеvеr trу tо rеmоvе thе сооlаnt rеѕеrvоіr сар wіth thе car ѕtіll running bесаuѕе thе еngіnе wіll bе tоо hоt аnd іt wіll саuѕе уоu ѕеrіоuѕ іnјurу. Once the car hаѕ hаd а сhаnсе to cool down, сhесk thе rеѕеrvоіr аnd ѕее whаt thе сооlаnt lеvеl іѕ аt. If thе сооlаnt арреаrѕ tо bе аt thе nоrmаl lеvеl, thеn уоu’ll nееd tо hаvе а сооlіng ѕуѕtеm рrеѕѕurе сhесkеd реrfоrmеd ѕо уоu саn ріnроіnt whеrе thе сооlаnt lеаkѕ аrе соmіng from.

Bad fuel injector

A fаultу fuеl іnјесtоr, uѕuаllу оnе thаt іѕ ѕtuсk ореn оr іѕ lеаkіng from thе о-rіng, wіll dеlіvеr tоо much fuеl tо thе соmbuѕtіоn сhаmbеr. Thіѕ еxсеѕѕ fuеl саnnоt рrореrlу burn іn thе еngіnе аnd іnѕtеаd соmеѕ оut аѕ white оr grау smoke оut of уоur tаіlріре. Replacing thе bаd іnјесtоr (оr іtѕ о-rіng) іѕ thе ѕоlutіоn.

The hard раrt іѕ figuring out which fuel іnјесtоr іѕ bаd ѕо dереndіng оn vеhісlе mіlеаgе, mаnу mесhаnісѕ wіll recommend replacing аll thе іnјесtоrѕ ѕіnсе they’re not vеrу еxреnѕіvе іn mоѕt саѕеѕ.

Incorrect injector pump timing (diesel engines)

Why is puffing white smoke from my car? A dіеѕеl еngіnе rеquіrеѕ рrесіѕіоn timing and fuel рrеѕѕurе of thе іnјесtоr рumр. Whеn thе tіmіng іѕ nоt whаt іt’ѕ ѕuрроѕеd tо bе, уоur еngіnе wіll еѕѕеntіаllу bе runnіng rісh which will саuѕе fuеl tо nоt соmрlеtеlу burn аnd іnѕtеаd еxіt оut of thе exhaust аѕ white оr grау smoke.

There are some reasons too behind white smoke from the car. But listed 5 are the most common reasons behind white smoke.

Important facts about GPS fleet trackers

Vehicles get stolen or vandalized all the time. If you manage a lot of vehicles, it would be best if you have a GPS fleet tracker.

What are GPS fleet trackers? They can easily help locate vehicles no matter where they are. This makes it easier to recover the vehicles as well. Plus with big fleets you need to make sure that everything works along smoothly. The drivers follow the set route and there are no detours in between. Research has proved that lack of efficiency can cause around 30% waste. Unreliable drivers are the main reason and you have got to make sure that your company doesn’t have to face any major consequences.

In order to eliminate this kind of risk and to ensure complete peace of mind it’s necessary to invest in GPS fleet trackers.

The following are a few benefits of investing in fleet trackers.


Real time fleet monitoring

Fleet trackers enable fleet monitoring. These offer a location history which is actually a summary of all the locations the vehicle has been since its onset and by the time it gets back. So if you see a detour which you aren’t supposed to see you could immediately spot the problem and report it before things get out of hand. It allows the management to see where exactly a vehicle was at a particular time.


Complete safety for the vehicles

Monitoring the vehicles and keeping inventory is easier with the help of GPS fleet trackers. It helps track the safety of the vehicles as they make their way on preprogrammed routes. In fact keeping track of vehicles is easier than ever with the help of mobile technology. There are special apps which can be added to mobile devices which makes it easier to manage and track the whole fleet.


Helps reduce extra expenses

With the help of a GPS tracker you have the option of finding the best possible shortest route, thus helping save time as well as gas or petrol. This can help reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and reduce any instances of unnecessary detours.


Keep drivers in check

If a driver is doing off time on your clock you should be aware about it. Its something which can turn into a major problem if not rectified immediately. Keeping track of the whole fleet allows you to see which driver might be misusing the vehicle to suit their own purpose.


Improves productivity

When employees get to know that they are being monitored, their productivity increases. This is because they are held accountable for how they operate the vehicle. They would make sure to finish the work on time and not take any detours. Plus the GPS enabled trackers would allow drivers to find the shortest routes and also find areas which are prone to less traffic this also helping save time.

This also ensures that your customers are satisfied by your services and would allow you to respond to their call quickly and on time.

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that all smart business owners re now enabling GPS fleet tracking for their vehicles.




4×4 Accessories

Individuals seeking for life in the outback would go for extreme adventures not only to test the peak of human skills but also to prove how off-road machines perform in the most challenging and dangerous trails and terrains that this world could offer. One wouldn’t dare to settle for anything less if it places him in peril. Instead, his preference for the right or appropriate 4×4 accessories would not only allow him to go beyond man or machine’s limitations but as well as exploring places where other competitors have not been before. To achieve a hundred percent success in this endeavour and to savour moments of achievement with great satisfaction, the right UV4x4 Accessories should be your partner in any adventure you wish to go for.


A sturdy, all-weather roof rack

Going through “a point of no return” means having everything you need, big or small, on a reliable space outside your pick-up truck. Hunting and fishing equipment, mountain bikes, reinforced cables or wires for emergencies, drop-resistant bags and containers, among others, are few of the necessities you need to fasten and secure to make the most out of your long-awaited journey with what nature can offer.


Reliable and dependable halogen lamps


The weather in the wild could sometimes be unpredictable, and at certain points, especially in the evening, the temperature drops gradually. Smoke, dust, mildew and fog combine and form smog; thus, covering off-road tracks and trails. These natural elements make it harder for 4×4 drivers or their navigators to avoid treacherous curves and bumps, including but not limited to embankment slips and other related natural hazards that would potentially cause injuries and accidents.


Thanks to the makers of halogen lamps for 4×4 ute vehicles. It is a set of either four or six bright halogen lamps that allows the man behind the wheel to improve his vision and be able to avoid or swerve in areas where the presence of danger is imminent. Halogen lamps can penetrate thick lumps of smoke and fog, thereby clearing the driver’s line of sight while navigating the narrow terrains on any road and weather conditions.


Forged steel and aluminium bumpers


4×4 ute vehicles place customised bumpers for a lot of reasons or purposes. Primary, bumpers provide extra protection during head to head vehicular accidents either against another vehicle or any hard object directly in front of it. It may create a great impact but could be lessened with the proper use of the seat belt and the timely initiation of airbag safety feature in some specialised vehicles. Another benefit could be enjoyed in times of emergency rescue operations. Reinforced steel wires and cables could be attached to it, and with the aid of a winch or a pulley, it could pull something or someone, like another vehicle or a trapped mountaineer, out of a deep ravine or from soft sand. With the expertise in lifesaving and the right tools and equipment, the 4×4’s front and rear wheels’ power will get the job done in no time.


Automatic wheel adjustment and powerful suspension features


These are special features that could only be seen and experienced with 4×4 pick-up trucks. A computerised adjustment would be able to match the vehicle’s suspension and the wheel’s traction according to the road or terrain it is traversing. Rocky roads or muddy trails are a few examples where these features can be used or applied.

5 Car Problems That Require Towing

Having the right set of tools and expertise, you can fix quite a few car problems on spot. You can replace a flat tire  or a wire or change a fuse. If you happen to run out of gas, you can hire a ballarat towing service to get to the nearest station and refuel, but there are some problems that render the car unusable. Let’s explore the problems that leave your car too dangerous to drive.

Dead battery

When faced with a dead battery you can try asking help from anyone and try jumping the battery. If that doesn’t help bring your car back to life, then you’ll need to tow it to a mechanic. Batteries have a limited lifespan, and if yours is past its prime there is nothing you can do to bring it back. With the help of a tow truck, you can get to a mechanic and get it replaced.

Failed brakes

Brakes are a crucial part of the car and if they fail, it’s a hazard to you and the other drivers on the road. Usually, brakes fail when the brake fluid leaks, which is a clear oily liquid that usually has a red tint to it. If you find some similar liquid in your driveway when taking your car out for a drive, call a tow truck right away. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Transmission failure

The transmission in a car is responsible for gear shifting and turning the wheels which makes the car move forward. A transmission failure means that your car won’t be able to move, and it can happen when the transmission fluid leaks out. Leaking transmission fluid in itself can point towards a bigger issue. It isn’t something you can easily fix on the roadside; you need to get your car to the mechanic and get it checked.

Engine failure

It’s as simple as it sounds if the engine fails you won’t be able to take your car anywhere. You’ll need to get it towed to the nearest mechanic to get the issue fixed. There are many issues that can lead to engine failure such as broken or loose parts as well as overheating. Only a mechanic can find out what is wrong with your car’s engine and fix it.

An accident

An accident with damage beyond just fender bender requires help from a professional mechanic. While you might be able to bring the car to the roadside, it isn’t safe for you to drive it, especially as you don’t know what could be damaged internally. A professional can take a look under the hood, assess the damage and make apt repairs to get you safely back on the road.


5 tips to keep your battery running longer

A car battery is an essential part of an automobile. Batteries provide the zap your vehicle needs to keep rolling. From getting your car started so you can head to work, or allowing you to charge your phone on the go. That’s why it’s so important to know when to start considering a car battery change, as well as what you can do to extend its lifespan.

The average car battery life lasts between 2 and 5 years. One of the most critical factors that affect how long a car battery will last is the weather. A running engine under the hood produces high levels of heat. Throw in a scorching hot day, and you have a severe drain on your car battery that leads to an increased chance of a dead battery if you do not take proper summer driving precautions.

There are tips that will help you to run your battery longer such as:

  1. Limit short rides

Quick car rides prevent your car’s battery from fully charging. You should maintain your car’s battery power by driving it frequently and for extended periods. Consider investing in a portable car battery charger if you don’t use your car often. These portable chargers can jump-start your battery without another vehicle in case you are ever stranded.

  1. Keep your battery tightly fastened

A battery that’s not securely fastened can vibrate, potentially resulting in internal damage and short circuits. You should have your battery terminal checked regularly, especially if you frequently drive on bumpy roads in order to ensure its tightly and properly positioned in the mounting bracket.

  1. Turn off all the lights when you exit

Accidentally keeping your headlights and car door lights on can put a heavy toll on your vehicle’s battery.  You should post a note on your dashboard and attach a sticker reminder on your car remote or park in a direction where you must walk the past your headlights to get to your destination.

  1. Control the corrosion

Battery terminals corrode over time but keeping them clean from buildup is a great way to extend the life of your car battery. Scrub the terminals with a toothbrush dipped in a baking soda and water mixture. Then, using a spray bottle with cold water, rinse the mixture off and follow up with a thorough drying with a clean cloth.

  1. Test your battery often

Knowing the condition of your car battery matters when you want to maximize its life, test your battery’s output voltage level with a car battery tester.

No matter how well you maintain your car battery, you can’t always foresee when it may die. We are here to help with all your vehicle needs.



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