At Autoser we take care of everything – which is our daily slogan. We pay much attention to auto repair and preventative maintenance as one way of maximising the life of your vehicle.

We offer full-service at a reasonable price. Other than this, everyone at Auto Services works towards providing the clients and their cars with the most recommendable services.

Services we offer

We offer services ranging from oil changing to complex services such as engine repair. Some of these services include:

  • Brake system repair

The brake system is an essential element for every vehicle that works by ensuring that your car is safe for driving. We check out all the problems associated with the brakes such as squealing and grinding. Sometimes if your brake is veering to one side, we can have it checked for you. We repair brake pedals, brake master cylinder, brake power booster, drum brakes, and the disc brakes.

We understand every part of your brake system – hence, we can do brake repair on any make and model.

  • Transmission repair

Many signs will show you that you need transmission work. You don’t need to worry. We offer all transmission work with the hope that you are going to save yourself from doing more extensive repairs.

You need this service when there is stalling or when you’re popping out of gears for seemingly no apparent reasons.

  • Oil change

We make sure that there is a proper amount of clean oil in your engine. Oil reduces friction, provides lubrication, forms a seal between two pistons, cylinders and rings and helps in cooling engine parts.

We replace the oil with carbon and vanish with clean oil which adds at a more significant deal in reducing harm to the engine.

  • Tune-up

We offer tune-up services whenever needed. When you have used your car for long distances, you may want to get into a shop to get this service. We are available to ensure that you get this service so that you can proceed with your journey.

Tune up services include inspecting a variety of vehicle components such as fuel filters, spark plugs and wires. This service ensures that your engine is running smoothly and efficiently, which, in turn, provides maximum performance levels.

It will also prevent engine breakdowns and extend the life of your vehicle.

  • Exhaust system services

We ensure that your car mufflers and exhaust system are properly functioning. This is good for your health, your car and the environment. Your car exhaust system is designed to reduce noise and reducing harmful emissions from entering into the atmosphere.

  • Diagnostics

We possess the equipment and skills to diagnose and handle any repair issues with your vehicle accurately. We figure out and precisely fix the problems with the cars we service when your vehicle warning lights are on.

  • Wheel alignment

We make sure that we straighten all alignment or suspension issues you experience.

Wheel alignment problems can result in steering and suspension issues as this puts stress on your tires and suspension components. This service keeps your vehicle running safely and efficiently by reducing tire wear and improving gas mileage.

A well-maintained vehicle is more efficient, more reliable and has a longer life. We offer a lifetime guarantee on the services with quality to meet your every budget. Trust us in all your repair and maintenance needs.