4×4 Accessories

Individuals seeking for life in the outback would go for extreme adventures not only to test the peak of human skills but also to prove how off-road machines perform in the most challenging and dangerous trails and terrains that this world could offer. One wouldn’t dare to settle for anything less if it places him in peril. Instead, his preference for the right or appropriate 4×4 accessories would not only allow him to go beyond man or machine’s limitations but as well as exploring places where other competitors have not been before. To achieve a hundred percent success in this endeavour and to savour moments of achievement with great satisfaction, the right UV4x4 Accessories should be your partner in any adventure you wish to go for.


A sturdy, all-weather roof rack

Going through “a point of no return” means having everything you need, big or small, on a reliable space outside your pick-up truck. Hunting and fishing equipment, mountain bikes, reinforced cables or wires for emergencies, drop-resistant bags and containers, among others, are few of the necessities you need to fasten and secure to make the most out of your long-awaited journey with what nature can offer.


Reliable and dependable halogen lamps


The weather in the wild could sometimes be unpredictable, and at certain points, especially in the evening, the temperature drops gradually. Smoke, dust, mildew and fog combine and form smog; thus, covering off-road tracks and trails. These natural elements make it harder for 4×4 drivers or their navigators to avoid treacherous curves and bumps, including but not limited to embankment slips and other related natural hazards that would potentially cause injuries and accidents.


Thanks to the makers of halogen lamps for 4×4 ute vehicles. It is a set of either four or six bright halogen lamps that allows the man behind the wheel to improve his vision and be able to avoid or swerve in areas where the presence of danger is imminent. Halogen lamps can penetrate thick lumps of smoke and fog, thereby clearing the driver’s line of sight while navigating the narrow terrains on any road and weather conditions.


Forged steel and aluminium bumpers


4×4 ute vehicles place customised bumpers for a lot of reasons or purposes. Primary, bumpers provide extra protection during head to head vehicular accidents either against another vehicle or any hard object directly in front of it. It may create a great impact but could be lessened with the proper use of the seat belt and the timely initiation of airbag safety feature in some specialised vehicles. Another benefit could be enjoyed in times of emergency rescue operations. Reinforced steel wires and cables could be attached to it, and with the aid of a winch or a pulley, it could pull something or someone, like another vehicle or a trapped mountaineer, out of a deep ravine or from soft sand. With the expertise in lifesaving and the right tools and equipment, the 4×4’s front and rear wheels’ power will get the job done in no time.


Automatic wheel adjustment and powerful suspension features


These are special features that could only be seen and experienced with 4×4 pick-up trucks. A computerised adjustment would be able to match the vehicle’s suspension and the wheel’s traction according to the road or terrain it is traversing. Rocky roads or muddy trails are a few examples where these features can be used or applied.

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