5 Car Problems That Require Towing

Having the right set of tools and expertise, you can fix quite a few car problems on spot. You can replace a flat tire  or a wire or change a fuse. If you happen to run out of gas, you can hire a ballarat towing service to get to the nearest station and refuel, but there are some problems that render the car unusable. Let’s explore the problems that leave your car too dangerous to drive.

Dead battery

When faced with a dead battery you can try asking help from anyone and try jumping the battery. If that doesn’t help bring your car back to life, then you’ll need to tow it to a mechanic. Batteries have a limited lifespan, and if yours is past its prime there is nothing you can do to bring it back. With the help of a tow truck, you can get to a mechanic and get it replaced.

Failed brakes

Brakes are a crucial part of the car and if they fail, it’s a hazard to you and the other drivers on the road. Usually, brakes fail when the brake fluid leaks, which is a clear oily liquid that usually has a red tint to it. If you find some similar liquid in your driveway when taking your car out for a drive, call a tow truck right away. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Transmission failure

The transmission in a car is responsible for gear shifting and turning the wheels which makes the car move forward. A transmission failure means that your car won’t be able to move, and it can happen when the transmission fluid leaks out. Leaking transmission fluid in itself can point towards a bigger issue. It isn’t something you can easily fix on the roadside; you need to get your car to the mechanic and get it checked.

Engine failure

It’s as simple as it sounds if the engine fails you won’t be able to take your car anywhere. You’ll need to get it towed to the nearest mechanic to get the issue fixed. There are many issues that can lead to engine failure such as broken or loose parts as well as overheating. Only a mechanic can find out what is wrong with your car’s engine and fix it.

An accident

An accident with damage beyond just fender bender requires help from a professional mechanic. While you might be able to bring the car to the roadside, it isn’t safe for you to drive it, especially as you don’t know what could be damaged internally. A professional can take a look under the hood, assess the damage and make apt repairs to get you safely back on the road.


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