What to Look For In an Aluminium Ute Canopy

Cars that come with load space make it easier to transport luggage without difficulties. Ute tray comes in as a versatile load space.  It allows carrying an extensive range of luggage, including tools, and other kinds of gear. The only shortcoming with a Ute is that it is an open tray or tub-like structure. This leaves your assets prone to damage or theft.

Therefore, it is a paramount idea that you find a suitable canopy. Finding a canopy isn’t a big deal. However, landing on the right canopy can be quite challenging. You need a canopy that is lockable, long-lasting and spacious enough (depends on the size of your Ute’s tray), among other desirable features.

Aluminium is by far the best canopy material. It is sturdy and durable. Essentially it adds a layer of security that you need for your property on the Ute’s tub.

Aluminium Ute canopy

A Ute canopy is a structure mounted on the tray of the Ute. It has windows and doors, and it is made up of aluminium. This structure has various functions – storage and transportation of stuff such as tools, equipment, and a wide range of gear.

Why choose the aluminium Ute canopy

  • Aluminium canopy is lighter as compared to materials like fibreglass and steel. Lightweight canopies have less impact on a vehicle when it comes to fuel consumption.
  • When it comes to maintenance, nothing beats aluminium canopies. The material is durable and robust, making it resistant to abrasion. So once you buy and install it, it will serve for longer times without needing repairs or replacements.

What to factor in when buying an aluminium Ute canopy

A critical look at aluminium canopies reveals how important they are for use. These canopies have amassed legions of fans who hail them as one of the most versatile. However, they are not without shortcomings such as the inability to be thoroughly water and dust-proof (a feature that affects all other materials).

Nonetheless, consider:

  • Design: Select a configuration that best suits your needs. There are different styles in the market, i.e., tool module, full canopies, and the part canopy. Full canopies are available for almost all models of vehicles. They are fully enclosed with three doors for easy access. They provide excellent protection against water and dust. Customised aluminium ute canopy from CSM Service Bodies are available.
  • Accessories: Consider both internal and external accessories. Interior accessories are designed to suit your needs. They enable you to customise the tray for storage. They include storage bins, drawer units, shelving kits, rubber matting, etc. On the other hand, external accessories include gas bottles, tow bars, commercial roof bars, gas bottle restraints, etc. They are essential for safety and maximising efficiency.
  • Cost of buying and installing: The prices of the aluminium Ute canopy varies. The prices majorly depend on the type of Ute canopy you are buying. Essentially, the price ranges from $1500 to above $5000. When you get fitting services, the prices are higher than without the fitting services. Of course, full canopies are more expensive compared to the part canopies.
  • Warranty: A warranty is vital in case something goes awry. Depending on the manufacturer, a warranty can be one year, two years, three years, or even a lifetime. So you need to find a reliable warranty you’re your aluminium canopy.
  • Suspension upgrade: Making a suspension upgrade is a significant step. These services are usually supplied and can also be installed by the manufacturer, especially if you need to transport extra equipment.







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